Altus Capital Partners

Altus Capital Partners is a private equity firm that makes control investments in middle market manufacturing businesses. We believe that our exclusive focus on manufacturing provides us with a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by companies in the sector. We utilize a patient, thoughtful investment approach and seek to partner with the management teams of our operating companies to achieve growth.

The Altus investment team has experience in all phases of making and managing investments in middle market manufacturing companies. The firm’s partners have worked together since 1998 completing numerous transactions, in each case employing capital and expertise with the goal of driving value through business growth.

Patient, Disciplined Approach:

Altus employs a disciplined investment process that thoroughly investigates opportunities and assesses risk and reward in order to develop the optimal strategic plan. Further, we use conservative capital structures to provide our portfolio companies with the flexibility needed to succeed in a variety of economic and market environments.

Altus Overview

The companies we invest in typically share the following characteristics:

  • Manufacturers with a strong position in a niche market
  • Headquartered in North America, preferably east of the Rocky Mountains
    (for platform investments)
  • EBITDA of at least $4 million
    (for platform investments)
  • Defensible market position, strong margins and unique products and/or manufacturing processes
  • Experienced and committed management team that desires to invest alongside Altus
  • Growth opportunities
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