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August 25, 2014
Altus Capital Partners Closes Sale of Aqua-Chem

Wilton, CT, August 25, 2014 – Altus Capital Partners, Inc. (“Altus”), a private equity investment firm focused on niche middle market manufacturingcompanies in the U.S., announced the closing of the sale of Aqua-Chem, a global provider of high quality water purification and heat transfer solutions to the military, pharmaceutical, energy, military and bottled water industries was sold to Crimson Investment.

Aqua-Chem was acquired by Altus and Aqua-Chem’s management in March 2006 from The Cleaver-Brooks Company. Since then, Aqua-Chem has expanded into other industrial markets that require high quality water solutions. As part of this market expansion, Aqua-Chem has launched more than a dozen new products, including increasingly large vapor compression systems, reverse-osmosis water purifiers, pretreatment and sanitary process distribution systems, waste heat plate type evaporators, vacuum vapor compression units and titanium and copper-nickel heat exchangers.

Russell Greenberg, Managing Partner at Altus and former Chairman of Aqua-Chem, said, “Aqua-Chem is a prime example of excellence and determination in creating a diversified global company. We want to thank David Gensterblum, the management team and the employees who have worked hard over the past eight years in order to make Aqua-Chem a leader in its markets.”

David Gensterblum, President and CEO at Aqua-Chem said, “We want to thank Russ, Greg, Elizabeth and their team for their time and dedication to help Aqua-Chem grow to become a global water solutions company. We have not only grown as a business but personally during the past eight years and we are grateful to have had a team like Altus behind us every step of the way.”

BB&T Capital Markets represented the shareholders of Aqua-Chem in this sale.

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