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Gregory L. Greenberg

Founder and Senior Partner

Senior Partner Gregory L. Greenberg has over 20 years of investment experience. He co-founded Altus Capital Partners in 2003 and was a partner in Max Capital Partners, and has been managing the firm’s Lincolnshire, Illinois office since 1998.

Gregory L. Greenberg

Drawing from an extensive background in investing, Greg understands the dynamics and required discipline to operate effectively within a challenging investment environment. While always adhering to a strict set of investment criteria, Greg draws upon his effective relationships to identify and complete deals.

Before working with Max Capital* and co-founding Altus, Greg was Senior Vice President with JMB Realty Corporation, directing the investment strategy of a $1 billion Class A office real estate portfolio.

Greg is a graduate of the University of Denver with a degree in Business Administration.

As Senior Partner at Altus Capital Partners, Greg serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of MGC Diagnostics Corporation and on the Board of GED Integrated Solutions, Inc., International Imaging Materials, Inc. and Thomson Plastics, Inc.

*Max Capital Partners is a prior adviser that was a substantially similar client managed by principal.